ABI Transmission

The Automated Broker Interface (ABI) is a feature of the Automated Commercial System (ACS) that permits qualified filers to electronically transmit import and drawback claim data directly to Customs and Border Protection (CBP). ABI is a voluntary program available to brokers, importers, exporters, port authorities and independent service centers and is CBP’s preferred method for import entry and duty drawback claim processing.

The advantages of using ABI transmissions are numerous:

  • CBP preferred method for transacting Customs business
  • Expedited duty drawback claim processing by CBP over manual submissions
  • Immediate error identification
  • Resolution of rejected claims without the involvement of CBP personnel
  • More efficient than manual or disk-filed claim submission

Our affiliate, DMT ABI Service Bureau, LLC, offers ABI transmission capability for duty drawback claims on a cost effective per transmission basis.  The process is simple.  The information required for using the DMT ABI Service Bureau is the same data needed to complete CBP form 7551. Many formats, including spreadsheets, can be used to collate this data.

This service represents an advantage in drawback claim processing. Not only will claims be received and processed more quickly by CBP, network connectivity to Customs and necessary IT support are now available through the DMT ABI Service Bureau. This saves the additional cost of purchasing the software necessary to configure the claim data.

The services provided by DMT ABI Service Bureau can be advantageous to a host of businesses. In fact, we will assist any importers/exporters interested in filing their own drawback claims in obtaining the necessary filer codes, approvals and privileges and provide ongoing support for any questions or issues which may arise.

DMT ABI Service Bureau, LLC is owned and operated by Customs retiree Diane Travis. For further information please contact her at (845) 424-3165, (914) 522-9674 (cell), or dianet@tfasolutions.com.