Document Imaging

Document retention, storage and retrieval can become an ever-increasing cost for a variety of business types, including Customs brokers, transportation intermediaries, importers/exporters and legal and medical professionals. Thomas Ferramosca Associates provides comprehensive document imaging services – an economical alternative to the escalating cost of paper storage.

Years ago we discovered the benefits of electronically scanning and storing documents, and we offer this service to interested clients. The inconvenience of document storage, whether on or off-site, becomes burdensome and costly. Personnel time is wasted searching for files or days are lost waiting for files to be retrieved and delivered from another location. Our document imaging service offers significant advantages.

With our service you maintain control of your documents. Our knowledgeable and expert staff can quickly process thousands of documents, and document delivery can be through the most cost-effective and convenient means possible. You can retrieve your scanned documents through our secure web portal or any physical medium you choose (USB drive, CD, DVD, etc.) which contains the easily referenced scanned images. We maintain secure backups of everything we image, so you can’t lose documents and you don’t lose personnel time searching.

Your documents are kept right at your fingertips, and we reference each document according to your business’ unique filing system. There is only a one-time fee for our document imaging service; no longer will your business incur the ongoing cost of storage and you’ll never pay a document retrieval fee again. We also offer document destruction services for those interested.