Our Company

We are a full service U.S. Customs Broker specializing in the area of duty drawback. We offer comprehensive services which cover the entire spectrum of the drawback claim-filing process – from initial privilege and application filings to final liquidation – to help our clients achieve the maximum refund of duties, taxes and fees possible. Whatever your business model, we will work with you to ensure a smooth and seamless process is developed which will allow your company or clients to receive the maximum possible refunds on a continuous basis over the long term.

In today’s economic environment we are always surprised to learn how little is known of the U.S. government’s duty drawback program and the benefits it can provide to U.S. businesses. Originally designed to assist U.S. companies in competing in overseas markets, drawback refunds can benefit most importers, whether they export directly or indirectly through downstream sales. In fact, drawback refunds can be a lucrative source of continuous income for many businesses and can help create and solidify bonds between regional and national sales partners.

Our experience has taught us that the government’s duty drawback program, in existence for over two hundred years, is an integral part of the nation’s economic health and, if used to its fullest potential, can ensure that American businesses expand their presence in the global marketplace. Please visit our blog to learn more about this vital program and our drive to ensure it remains a key component of America’s economic strategy.

Thomas Ferramosca Associates LLC was founded by Tom Ferramosca, licensed Customs Broker and Customs retiree after 30 years of dedicated service. Tom is joined in this endeavor by his son, Thomas, Jr., who is also a licensed broker, and they form the nucleus of a core group of dedicated industry professionals, some of whom are also Customs retirees after long years of service. Tom, his son and all the members of this company are committed to the ideal of a successful and strong America. We have been disheartened by the loss of American jobs over the last few decades, especially within the manufacturing sector, and we feel compelled to do everything possible to reverse this trend.

Our business model is unique in the trade community. Because we specialize in the complex field of drawback, we are able to work cooperatively with many other brokers, regardless of the services they offer. We believe that our expertise can have a benefit far beyond our own business. In fact, our goal has always been to use our knowledge to assist the business community, other brokers and the U.S. government in creating and maintaining an economically prosperous environment within the United States.

Please call us to see how we can help your company increase its profits and establish a plan for long-term financial success.